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From our founder Jennifer Maynard @muddyglassslipper:⁠⠀


Today I got the joy of bringing meals to this amazing head ICU nurse and her team at Clara Maass Medical Center. She thanked me for my generosity which made me tear up with overwhelming gratitude for this woman and the others I know living through such a tough time as frontline workers. They are so selfless in what they do that they dont even realize how special they are and actually thanked me for such a small act. But I was so happy to see this heroes eyes smile with more excitement than I’ve seen since this whole thing started. She told me it was amazing, people were starting to wake up after weeks of showing almost no life.⁠⠀


I do believe we are seeing a turn is this devastating saga, but let’s not jump back in too soon. I’d ask all those I know when you think of how tired you are of being in quarantine, how inconvenient it is to wear a mask to the store and not hang at the beach with friends. Try to think about those living through the realities of this pandemic. These are some of the strongest women and men I know and they have suffered almost daily moments of feeling broken and hopeless. ⁠⠀


To all those pushing to reopen, I get it, I own a business and it’s a difficult time. But please think of these people putting their lives on the line day in and day out, having to relay messages of love to patients families that cannot be with them to say goodbye.⁠⠀


Thank you also to all of you who have donated to this cause and have helped us bring meals to these amazing people. None of us can ever fully understand how hard of a battle they are fighting. To lose patients you hardly know and nurses on your team and staff you do know, and to do everything you can and still lose many of them is difficult to imagine. I am hopeful that bringing them some nourishment and compassion can help them continue to be strong because for that one person they save, it means everything.




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