About Us

Food is Medicine

United4Longevity was built to deliver effective nutrition and lifestyle programs—improving wellness and reducing healthcare costs

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists design personalized medically tailored meal plans that target individual medical needs. Our streamlined farm to doorstep food distribution ensures healthy meals arrive fresh and on time.

In the US, 42 million people (1 in 8), including 13M children (1 in 6), are food insecure. Currently, 21% of minority individuals may experience food insecurity in 2021 compared to 11% of white individuals. The chronic illnesses resulting from food insecurity account for a significant portion of the nation’s $327 billion annual healthcare expense.

While food access is critical, U4L’s lifestyle interventions are a game changer. They bridge the gap between nutritional access and a healthy lifestyle. We work with the community to identify and support local educators to host food preparation, fitness events, and support groups with participants and their families.

U4L’s virtual programs, including yoga, workouts, meditation, and informal education from doctors and dietitians on goal setting reinforce the importance of nutrition and lifestyle changes.

U4L’s donors enjoy complete transparency and effective and efficient use of their contributions. Join us to drive positive health outcomes for those battling food insecurity and chronic illness.

About Us

A Diverse Team


Jen Maynard - President

Jen is trained scientist who understands the existing Pharma/Medical landscape. After 21 years working pharma supply chain issues at the country, regional, and executive levels, she changed course based on her deeply held belief that Food is Medicine. After founding Greater Greens which revived ancient natural and sustainable farming practices for healthy, nutrient dense foods she began Nutrition 4 Longevity to bring the best of ancient farming, food prep and nutritional science together to bring positive change to the food and health industries.


Cindy Herzog - Vice-President

Cindy has been in project development most of her professional career. She led a team in the development of electric power projects, with the most successful project being the largest one-time private sector investment made in Oklahoma. Her most recent endeavor was with the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine, where she developed and implemented a global Maintenance of Certification program for Diplomats certified in lifestyle medicine. Cindy is passionate about optimal health and using her skills and knowledge to improve health outcomes and advance health equity.


Dr. Cheng Ruan - Board Member

Dr. Ruan is a trained and board certified in internal medicine. He is the founder of the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine focusing on collaborative approach to target root causes of disease and reducing medication burden. The Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine’s core value focuses on creating services within the medical insurance model (including Medicare) utilizing technology, telemedicine, in combination with brick and mortar old school medicine. As a physician board advisory member of L-Nutra he is an invaluable resource for public and staff education on ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet.


Courtney Couch - Board Member

Courtney is a businesswoman who is passionate about many things, but these three top her list: making meaningful connections, building quality brands, and strengthening her community. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Courtney earned her Masters at NYU in Corporate Communication + PR then later moved to LA where she launched c.luxe creative. c.luxe creative focuses on business creative strategy, branding, marketing, and activations. Her agency has provided services to corporations such as the NFL, Adidas, Puma, Marvel as well as A-list talent such as Travis Scott, YG, Rajon Rondo, and MoneyBagg Yo. Recently, Courtney served as the Director of Marketing at Atlantic Records where she managed 12 artists including multi-platinum rapper Don Toliver. She has currently resumed her work at c.luxe creative full-time.


Jan Maynard - Treasurer

Jan has over two decades as a competitive endurance athlete. He has raced triathlons at the Ironman and Olympic levels and is recognized as a superior practitioner and expert on macronutrient delivery and human performance. He understands that healthy high quality foods and individually appropriate lifestyle interventions are a powerful and potent combination that can fuel athletic performance and health. Understanding that no two people are alike and that food and lifestyle interventions that work for one person or one community may not effectively translate to another. His belief that nutrition and lifestyle are significant social determinants of health, he has directed the same passion and drive of his athletic career into building multiple successful sustainable farms.


Russ Zuckerman - Executive Director

Russ is a 20 year veteran of the United States Coast Guard. He served as the Commanding Officer of two ships responsible for the design, maintenance, and efficacy of waterways with user and commercial needs that were as diverse as the waterways themselves, including the turbulent North Pacific and the treasured Chesapeake Bay. A graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government he has extensive international experience negotiating agreements with competitors and partners while cultivating enduring relationships with foreign ministries and maritime organizations. With a continuing desire to serve, he is coming from outside the medical community with fresh eyes to look for innovative opportunities to deliver health care.