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Food is Medicine

Connecting Communities, Delivering Food Justice, Empowering Health. Giving Back 10 Million Years of Longevity.

Food is Medicine

Medically Tailored Meals, Staple Food & Produce Boxes. Delivered to Your Door.

Lifestyle Interventions

Our Food Justice Programs Improve Health Equity.

Nutrition Support

We provide food and support to individuals and families to improve lives and longevity.

Our Story

United4Longevity grew out of the donation work that Nutrition for Longevity pursued during the Coronavirus pandemic. First responders were in dire need of healthy, nutritious meals that could sustain them. We realized that beyond first responders, there were many in our communities – and throughout our country – in dire need of nutritious food. In late 2021 United4Longevity’s board adopted a clear mission and vision to support high need populations battling food insecurity and chronic illness. By addressing food insecurity and diet related diseases through evidence-based diet interventions we can improve the health outcomes associated with most preventable chronic diseases.

We Deliver Food As Medicine

Improving the trajectory of a million lives by 2033

Improving Individual and Community Health

Our Latest News

Our Latest News

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