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United4Longevity has partnered with Nutrition for Longevity (N4L), a premier, sustainable farm-to-table meal delivery service which has banded together to help keep these heroes healthy so they can do their best work through this difficult time. N4L has been working to make an immediate impact by providing healthcare workers in the NY/NJ area with clean, nutrient-dense meals at home. And once we hit our goal to support these workers we will expand to other geographies in need of support. These meals provide invaluable nutrition to support a healthy immune system, save frontline workers time and energy by not having to worry about planning, prepping and making meals, and reduces their exposure by minimizing their need to venture out to buy food. This helps them focus their energy where it is needed most, on the frontlines.⁠

Here’s how we can make a difference and help protect our healthcare providers and their families:⁠

Through our own efforts we have already donated hundreds of meals and care kits to our local hospitals Mountainview, Hackensack, Morristown, and Clara Massa but we can do much more, much faster with the support of others. ⁠

While placing their own health, safety, and welfare at significant risk, healthcare workers have been on the frontlines tirelessly combatting COVID-19 and helping its victims all across the country. By donating meals that are designed to regenerate, refresh and recharge those who are saving lives, we can all be a part of helping the front-lines.⁠

With your support, we could provide up to 14,000 meals per week, all delivered to frontline workers’ homes to keep them and their families healthy, starting with nurses, doctors and other hospital staff. Making your donation at a point of impact that might help fortify our frontlines making them more sustainable to weather through this storm. ⁠

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